Literacy Narrative, Part 3 Reflection

I strongly believe that my Literacy Narrative Project has allowed me to meet the Learning Outcomes for this class.

  • I have composed both written and digital texts.
  • I have been able to analyze and evaluate other students’ works in order to make improvements on my own. By working together in groups to peer review our comics, I was able to improve the digital version of my text.
  • I clearly practiced the the writing process as I edited and revised my alphabetical narrative for Part 3 of this project.
  • I created a comic that analyzes a key experience that shaped the way I read/write.
  • Finally, I have been able to employ technology appropriately as I have constructed a website that contains all of my own work from this semester.

As for the writing process for my Literacy Narrative, Part 3, I believe that it was much easier to write than the first part of this project. After I had created my comic, I could better understand what I was trying to portray in my narrative. Once returning to my text narrative after creating a visual medium, I simply had to write about what was going on in my comic.

The story that I have been trying to tell remains the same, however in a much clearer sense. In the first part of this project, I felt that I had to include general information much more than was necessary. After creating my comic and writing the revised part of my narrative, I focused on portraying my specific point of struggle – finding a perfect location for writing my essay. This writing process has certainly allowed me to better analyze my work and construct a more meaningful product of it.

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