Darkness Awaits Upon Our Climate

By looking at the “maps” that I have made for all of the locations of dark panels in Climate Changed, I can clearly tell that there is a purpose for each one. While it may seem that they are often there just to take up space, the dark panels created by Phillipe Squarzoni are a significant part of the story being told. When I was reading the comic panel by panel, I had not noticed them whatsoever. I must’ve assumed that they were just meant to be skipped and it almost felt as if I did just that when reading Climate Changed. It felt natural to not put any forethought into the meanings behind the dark panels. However, looking back at it, they are extremely crucial in portraying the image behind the reality of climate change. The darkness in each of the panels symbolize the reality that we must face as mankind, and it does not look “bright.” The world is changing and before we may know it, an end will be near. By appearing at times of transition, the dark panels also try to take the reader on a journey of sorts into the harshness of climate change.

I had decided to choose such panels not to play with the prompt, but in order to really observe their meaning as they are seen quite often throughout the comic. When looking for some form of pattern, the dark panels instantly caught my attention and I was extremely curious as to determine their purpose.

As for my “maps,” I wanted to clearly portray the ubiquitousness of the dark panels, and so I created both a chart and bar graph to indicate this. They also seem to be found at crucial parts of the comic, so I split up the types of dark panels accordingly: just the dark space, include words, followed by a white panel, and have more than one panel.

Finally, I believe that my “maps” are certainly indicative of the fact that the dark panels are certainly important to the plot of the story and are simply not there just to be there. However, I believe that they do not clearly represent the purpose for such panels.

Take a Look at My Maps:

Darkness Awaits


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