Literacy Narrative Comic

This assignment has been extremely enjoyable and interesting. I had never imagined myself making a detailed comic about a story in my life as a first year in college. It was certainly different. This course has allowed me to explore areas that I’ve never experienced before.

The writing process was very complex and unique. We had written a literacy narrative earlier this semester about an experience that has shaped the way we read or write. After discussing several readings, we got back to the prompt, however this time we transformed our narrative into a comic. This transition of my text into a completely different genre of writing startled me at first. How could I possibly draw my life? It was difficult and demanding, but the process allowed me to visualize my story much better. I believe that changing the genre of my narrative also made it much more interesting for the reader.

After completing a rough draft of my work, I was somewhat pleased with it, however I knew that a lot was still missing. Receiving peer feedback changed all of my worries. I really enjoyed the opportunity to read others’ work and critique when they did the same for me. It was a learning process for practically all of us, and I believe that I was able to compose a much better comic as a result of the feedback. It allowed me to better understand what was missing on my rough draft.

As for the process of drawing my comic, I had to continuously look back at the Clarity Chart. It became very helpful throughout the entire process of creating my “piece of art” (if I can even call it that). Using minute techniques like zoom, choice of flow, or even the size of the panel all play major roles in telling my story. The process of creating my final story board was certainly long, but through trial and error, I believe I created my comic to the best of my abilities.

This project most certainly took longer than planned. Redrawing everything, making slight changes to the shapes of people, or even adding more dialogue were all very time-consuming. I had planned out a time to complete this assignment, however there was practically no possible way to finish it in that time slot.

As for choices made me in my comic, I tried to illustrate my life on one specific school day in high school. I was given a paper to write and it was due the next day. After searching through several places to write, I find my “safe haven” in my stinky swimming locker room. It was unique and I believe it truly portrays a time in my life that has shaped the way I have been writing ever since. Specifically in the comic, I try to use dialogue only when it is necessary. It can be seen in a long line of sorts with an arrow at the end. I created a good amount of thought bubbles because the story only revolved me for the most part, so dialogue was not always necessary. As for the blue arrows, they indicate certain locations that might not be seen clearly or understandable from the perspective of the reader.

The only thing that I wished I could improve or make realistic was my drawing abilities. Some students in class certainly have a natural talent for drawing but that wasn’t the case for me. The process was long to make my characters more realistic, however they only partially look realistic. Finally, my main intent in making this comic was to take my reader on a journey through my day. On this specific one, they are practically given a tour of my high school campus. The story is meant to be both fun and unique as I try to illustrate what has shaped the way I either read or write today.

Check it out:

Literacy Narrative Comic Final

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