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Hello everyone!

My name is Kaan Alp and this is my avatar. Through a bunch of restarts and time spent editing my images, I have finally put together an “avatar” of sorts. I tried to create something that illustrated my hobbies, personality, and background. Each of the images scattered throughout my square space have significance to who I am as a person today.

The background of the mountains are the Alps. I chose the image not only because my last name is “Alp,” but also because that is what I have to tell people if they have trouble understanding my last name. “Alp like the mountains …”

The emoji’s we talked about in class are also a depiction of my personality that I thought would fit perfectly into my avatar. The “crying-laughing” emoji symbolizes my humorous character and the fact that I tend to laugh a lot. The “glasses” emoji merely serves as a self-portrait.

The rest of the images depict my hobbies. I chose the soccer ball because I have played the sport since I was about five years old. Dribbling a soccer ball and taking a clean shot on target soothe me whenever I am bored or just looking to do something outside. I have also swam since about the same age competitively. Traveling throughout the United States for meets has been a big part of my life, especially when I was younger. I also enjoy swimming for pleasure at the beach or lake. Finally, the logo of the video game that has occupied me for most of my summer, Fortnite. I simply added this image into my avatar for humorous purposes, but it has truly kept me busy whenever I felt bored.

I am certainly looking forward to the rest of the semester in this course!


  1. The Alps” by Flickr user a.Muller
  2. Soccer Ball” by Flickr user Kev
  3. Crying-Laughing Emoji” by Flickr user Blobben E Sur
  4. Fortnite” by Flickr user Escola Pla De Mar
  5. Swimming Logo” by WorldArtsMe
  6. Glasses Emoji” by Emoji Island


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